Our mission is to educate, support, inform and promote optometry to ensure the sustainability of improved community eye health.

Our Services

Eye Health

When it comes to keeping your peepers healthy, we focus on you. Optical Connect puts your visual and ocular wellness under the microscope. Through regular examinations, we can early detect eye conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma and provide you with options to support your eye sight and health.

Frames & Lenses

When it comes to the perfect fit, we like to make sure you have the very best! We stock a huge range of frames right here in store. From all the big brands you know and love, to handpainted one of a kind frames imported from Italy. Need frames adjusted or repaired, maybe you are looking for titanim nose pads? We can assist with that too!! Come visit us to check out what is on offer today!

Contact Lenses

Do you wear contact lenses, or are you considering making the change? We can help! Here at Optical Connect we offer a range of soft contact lenses, rigid gas permeable lenses and Orthokeratology lenses. Chat to one of our friendly optometrists to learn more about options when it comes to the most suitable option for you.

Childrens Vision

Have little people in your world? It is just as important for children to have optimal visual function as it is for adults! Kids rely heavily on vision from day one, from exporing their world through play based learning, to working on that detailed highschool assesment. Children should have their eyes checked regularly to ensure their eyes and sight stay healthy and to help detect any issues early.

Dry Eye

Do you suffer from dry eye? Optical Connect can help! We can provide assessment services and provide in chair treatment options right here in store.

Imaging and Scans

Here at Optical Connect we understand that eye health is very important to your health and wellbeing. Because of this we offer a range of imaging and scans to support your continued eye health. Some of the service we offer include Optical Coherence Tomography and Digital Retinal Imaging/FAF. If you need a specialty scan or professional imaging chat to us today about how we can best support your eye vision.

Why us?

Quantifiable Experience

Our team are highly educated and trained professionals with years of experiance providing support to help people just like you.

We got the tools

With the latest technology and testing equiptment we make reviewing, detecting or treating eye health or vision issues quick and simple.

Great Support

Customer service is kind of our thing. At Optical Connect we are customer centric, putting you right in the middle of everything we do.

A huge range

From imported hand painted frames from Italy, to the big brands you know and love we have them all in store at Optical Connect.

Competitive Pricing

We work hard to ensure our customers have a great range to choose from at competitive prices to match!

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are unhappy with our service, our products or anything else, please let us know. We pride ourselves on good old fashioned bricks and mortar service and it is important to us that our customers are all happy with our service.